Andrea Rasca

founder and chief executive dreamer at Mercato Metropolitano

The value of food - building a community for everyone

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In this episode of The Internationalist, host Julio Bruno sits down with Andrea Rasca, founder and chief executive dreamer of Mercato Metropolitano. London’s first sustainable market, centered around building a community that understands the importance of nutritious and ample food for everyone.

In this in-depth conversation, Andrea shares the moment he realized his passion for food could be his job and not only a way of living. He recalls how his trip to Japan showed him the importance of his Italian heritage and its strong marketing leverage, which inspired him to bring his culture to the country.  

He shares his thoughts on the real value of food and why it being accessible, nutritious, and compatible with local cultures is equally as important as its taste.

Andrea then moves on to explain the ways food can be a catalyst for more important issues and unite people. He stresses the significance of measuring the values of ethics in business and in life, explaining why he always wants Mercato Metropolitano to be an inclusive place that is economically accessible to all, so people can enjoy food and a drink for a price that is reasonable in their city. Lastly, Andrea shares the details of the many campaigns Mercato Metropolitano carries out to help people in their local communities.

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Published: Apr 21, 2022

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