David Aikman

former Managing Director & Greater China’s Chief Representative Officer of the World Economic Forum and co-founder & CEO of ESG DAO

Stories from zero-Covid China & changing ESG protocol

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In this episode of The Internationalist, host Julio Bruno sits down with the former Managing Director and Greater China’s Chief Representative Officer of the World Economic Forum, David Aikman, to discuss the digital nomad movement, China’s zero-Covid policy, President Xi Jinping, and his new company ESG DAO.

David begins by outlining his career journey from growing up in Montreal, Canada, to being a global CEO based in Phuket, Thailand. He talks about his introduction to globalisation, leading him to work for the International Olympic Committee, where he revolutionised the organisation’s digital marketing. David then dives into his career with the World Economic Forum, working as the Managing Director—and then the Chief Representative Officer for Greater China. Together, they analyse China’s zero-Covid policy. David gives his account of living in China during the pandemic, his thoughts on the West’s portrayal of Chinese policies, and President Xi Jinping’s declaration to stay ahead of the party indefinitely.

Together, they discuss David’s new company, ESG DAO, breaking down the meanings and logistics behind ESG (environmental, social, and governance regulations) and DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) and how they combine the two to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

Created & produced by: Podcast Partners
Published: Oct 20, 2022

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