Gina Miller

leader of True and Fair Party, co-founder of SCM Direct, & founder of

Fighting for what is right, and the importance of transparent finance and politics.

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In this episode of The Internationalist, host Julio Bruno is joined by Gina Miller, political activist, founder of the True and Fair Party – which was launched by her own True and Fair Campaign in 2021, and co-founder of SCM Direct and 

In this in-depth conversation, Gina shares her thoughts on the current political turmoil in the UK, revealing how Boris Johnson is an example of the “weak and naive system we have”. She expresses the importance of the position of Prime Minister, and why the person who holds this position should represent the country as its best. She argues that the “first past the post” system should be replaced with a much fairer system, so people can actually see their vote reflected in parliament. She communicates that “even good people can be corrupted in positions of power” and explains how the True and Fair Party aims to clean up politics, modernise democracy and fight corruption to create a better policy-making culture.

Together, Julio and Gina touch upon ‘R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union’, where Gina challenged the British Government over its authority to implement Brexit without the approval from Parliament. The High Court ruled in agreement with her, and in 2017 the Supreme Court upheld this ruling, despite the Government’s appeal. She expresses the importance of having representative democracy, and how we elect people who express our interests, so they should be involved in the discussions. She reveals that despite receiving a lot of backlashes from the case, she would do it all again, as fighting for what you believe is right, is right!

Finally, Gina debunks the myth that “women are not good investors” or “take fewer risks” and explains that women tend to have less confidence when it comes to finances. aims to educate and break down barriers of language and technical speech and encourages financial wellness.

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Published: Jun 30, 2022

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