Manuel Gómez Anuarbe

author and expert in landscaping architecture and garden history

Exploring the World of Landscape Architecture

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In this episode of The Internationalist, host Julio Bruno sits down in his home studio with a recognized expert in landscaping architecture and his long-time friend, Manuel Gómez Anuarbe. 

Together, they talk through Manuel’s journey, beginning as an economist and finding his true passion in gardening and landscape architecture. As a Spanish native, Manuel shares his favorite gardens in the United Kingdom and the uniqueness of English landscape architecture compared to other gardening styles around the world. He describes his love for gardens by reminiscing on his experience designing and creating “Jardin Alquímico de la Trinidad” in the Spanish village of Uclés, an alchemist garden based on the alchemist philosophy. 

Manuel shares his experience as the author of eleven books on landscape architecture and culture, including his insight on writing about the history of hermits living in gardens—for pay. He and Julio explore the importance of disconnecting from technology to live in the moment and foster creativity.

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Published: Nov 3, 2022

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