Penny Richards

Managing Director of the Aspen Institute UK

Encouraging Diversity of Thought and Finding Joy in Disagreement

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For the first-ever episode of The Internationalist, host Julio Bruno is joined by Penny Richards, managing director of the Aspen Institute in the UK – an independent charity that supports and inspires leaders to transform themselves and their society. 

In this in-depth conversation, Penny shares her perspective on Russia’s war in Ukraine. Reflecting on her time covering war zones for the BBC, she explains the ways in which technology and citizen journalism provides today’s journalists with an enhanced ability to tell the stories on the ground. Penny describes how the unfiltered nature of the conflict gives us an extraordinary understanding as to what is happening.

As a self-proclaimed “experienced wine user,” she touches upon some of her memories as the executive director at the Institute of Masters of Wine, and reveals what contributes to making a good bottle of wine, great!

Finally, Penny explains the role Aspen UK plays in breaking down divisions and encouraging diversity of thought, by creating spaces for people to learn from one another and share in the joy of disagreement.

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Published: Apr 7, 2022

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