Richard Bernabe

Internationally-renowned nature, travel & wildlife photographer

The importance of wildlife conservation & photography in the digital age

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In this episode of The Internationalist, host Julio Bruno is joined by Richard Bernabe, an internationally-renowned nature, travel, and wildlife photographer. 

In this in-depth conversation, Richard shares how he grew his interest and passion for photography through practice and dedication, and explains why he does not believe that people are born with a natural talent for photography. He delves into the journey of finding his niche in wildlife photography, explaining how he wants to show the real animal and not what the media portrays them as. 

Richard expresses the importance of wildlife conservation organisations, explaining how 50 years ago there were 200,000 lions on earth and today there are only 20,000. He shows how he’s using his outreach through his photography and social media to shine a light on this and help support conservation efforts. Richard reveals his opinion on zoos and acknowledges that they help support conservation and maintain the population of wild animals, although he admits that he feels animals in the zoo lack the spirit of animals in the wild.

As an IAATO ambassador, Richard explains why tourism, if done in the correct way, is so important for the environmental protection of the country and shares why summer is the best time to visit Antarctica.

Finally, he chews over how social media changed the photography business, as creating a brand for yourself is now a contributing factor to becoming a successful photographer, meaning that they can no longer be anonymous.

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Published: Jun 16, 2022

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