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"In the pursuit of new horizons and new learnings, I became an entrepreneur of life."

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In this new segment of The Internationalist, host Julio Bruno takes time to sit down and share some of the leadership advice and stories that he has outlined in his #1 bestselling book, Passion to Lead. He gives listeners some behind-the-scenes insights about writing and publishing his first-ever book.

In the fifth episode of this series and the 2022 year’s final episode, Julio shares some of his personal stories as an ‘economic migrant’ from Spain, moving to the United Kingdom for new career opportunities. He advises on how to work hard and achieve your goals using ‘the 3Ps’: Persistence, Perseverance, and Passion. Julio explains how these values allow for personal success in starting a new career, as well as how to sell yourself as a product to a company as a buyer.

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Published: Dec 15, 2022

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